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Our Mission Statement

“To enrich the many communities throughout London & the UK with art, by collaborating with local authorities, homegrown British talent & international artists.” 



The Art Wall Company created the iconic 60 sq. m. Hackney Art Wall in 2011, which has featured the art of  international artists and created murals for charity campaigns, public awareness and multiinational corporations, with the work of both local and professional street artists. In 2015, we hosted a month-long cash prize art contest with submissions from over 100 artists worldwide.





Our awareness campaigns have included:

The  'Access All Areas' campaign for Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson featured during the London2012 Paralympics.

Peter Gabriel's, 'WITNESS' campaign, to report injustices witnessed by the public.

The Four Paws campaign, 'This is Not a Trophy,' against big game hunting.

'Give Rings The Finger' child brides campaign.

baroness tanni grey-thompson




Rachel Smith and Khandi Jones

Our UK and international artists have included:

Airborne, Mark Elno, Seeds One, Artista, Dan Kitchener, Alex Senna, Arline Steadman, Ceres Crew, Cranio, Hunto, CODE FC, Zadok & Riot, Jack Haslehurst, Josephine Haan, Judge Dredd, Sam King and Doodle Man, Mateus Bailon, MF DOOM, just jarvis & Caroline Maggio, Jive, Rachell Smith & Khandi Joni, Sky High, Born & Tizer, Ricardo Akn,  Riccardo Attanasio and Roger Molloy.




Our national and international corporate clients have included:

Atlantic Records, BAFTA, Becks, Ben Sherman, Burberry, Chambord, Columbia Records, Corona, Grolsch, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Johnnie Walker, Mountain Dew, Namco Bandai, O2, Oakley, Pilsner Urquell, Plan9, PLAN UK, Printemps,  RexRomae, Shinola Chicago, Sony Pictures, Sperry, Spitfire, SupremeBeing, Telefonica, The National Ary Museum, TodayTix, 20th Century Fox, Ubisoft Games, UNICEF NextGen, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers Pictures, Warp Records and Wrigley. 




For more information please contact:

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